As-salāmu ʿalaykum, namaste, Hello guys

My name is Noor Khan, which you must have guessed by my website’s name. The one more thing that you must have guessed is fact that I write short stories and poems.

You won’t be disappointed, this website offers an varied range of short stories and poems. Ready to laugh, cry and squirm on your seats.

A little about me-
I am graduate in Biochemistry but funnily after getting into it I realised it is not something that interests me that much but I completed it anyways.

My passion for writing has always been with me. It is something I love doing and good in it. I write on various platforms. You can checkout my work on wattpad ‘follow the link Written In the star by Noor_87Khan
I write quotes and poems on Mirakee, follow the Link mirakee Noor Khan

  • I take reading offers. If you want honest opinion on your work.
  • Open for guest posts
  • Feel free to contact me if you want promotion on my website
  • I take writing requests as a ghostwriter

Contact me through email bookwormnoor@gmail.com

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